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CN-104170295-A: Enhanced physical downlink control channel (ePDCCH) with physical resource block (PRB) bundling patent, CN-104183433-A: Coupling device for circuit breaker patent, CN-104185356-A: 光模块散热系统 patent, CN-104187672-A: Production method of chrysanthemum cakes patent, CN-104196496-A: Drilling machine and operating board lifting mechanism patent, CN-104199463-A: Six-foot bionic robot control system patent, CN-104265769-A: Multi-row roller bearing patent, CN-104267479-A: Space camera secondary mirror support structure patent, CN-104268982-A: Cash depositing and withdrawing machine facilitating sorting patent, CN-104279502-A: 多功能组合户外灯 patent, CN-104285553-A: 一种具有自动播种的智能播种机 patent, CN-104289080-A: Control method for preventing dampening adsorption type twin tower drying device patent, CN-104293222-A: Method for producing antistatic surface protection film, and antistatic surface protection film patent, CN-104308708-A: 自动抛光机 patent, CN-104319578-A: 双接口电连接器 patent, CN-104320716-A: 一种基于多终端协同的视频上行链路传输方法 patent, CN-104333012-A: Multi-feed flexible DC transmission reactive power control method and device patent, CN-104367690-A: 一种水包油型复方洛美沙星纳米乳 patent, CN-104372414-A: Method for constructing sequencing library patent, CN-104372521-A: Dynamic rope and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104402123-A: 一种洁水器 patent, CN-104404250-A: Leaching method for recovering copper from malachite copper oxide ores patent, CN-104407480-A: 像素结构及具有该像素结构的液晶显示面板 patent, CN-104430522-A: Brazil cherry seed treating agent for preventing and treating large cherry scab patent, CN-104442826-A: 为车辆驾驶员提供支持的车辆中装置、车辆和方法 patent, CN-104444452-A: Loading and unloading operation tool for express boxcar patent, CN-104458921-A: Gas emission determinator and method for determining trace nitrogen emission flux using same patent, CN-104463811-A: 基于能量泛函的图像平滑与锐化算法 patent, CN-104481968-A: Tensioning device of hydraulic cylinder cover patent, CN-104490254-A: 一种炒菜机的锅旋转机构 patent, CN-104507797-A: 带有声学材料的飞机内部面板 patent, CN-104530403-A: 一种醇酸树脂及其制备方法 patent, CN-104550608-A: Insert type forging die for connection rod forging patent, CN-104563396-A: Pier-extruded and half-grouted steel bar sleeve, connecting structure and construction method patent, CN-104566398-A: Device and method for treating waste printed circuit boards patent, CN-104570087-A: Method for performing seismic data first break and event pickup extraction through instantaneous attributes patent, CN-104577365-A: Breakage-proof graphite line and method for manufacturing breakage-proof graphite line patent, CN-104577788-A: 一种防潮且利于排水的配电柜 patent, CN-104588356-A: Aluminum shell lithium battery cleaning method patent, CN-104589453-A: 一种木门生产工艺 patent, CN-104590652-A: 一种包装箱用包装件 patent, CN-104596577-A: Monitoring device, method and system patent, CN-104597759-A: Network video based household control method and system and intelligent household management system patent, CN-104611086-A: 一种含油污泥制煤实验装置 patent, CN-104618931-A: 一种建立小区参数映射关系的方法、传输方法及设备 patent, CN-104620136-A: 为创建储层属性模型组合多点静态和基于对象的方法的混合方法 patent, CN-104642700-A: 一种低盐低糖青梅蜜饯及其制备方法 patent, CN-104665095-A: 一种便于装拆的增高鞋垫 patent, CN-104672610-A: Wearable polypropylene material for air purification equipment and preparation method of wearable polypropylene material patent, CN-104673573-A: 具有防治糖尿病功效的葡萄酒及制备方法 patent, CN-104708323-A: Angle-variable universal joint pin body full-automatic tapping machine patent, CN-104709375-A: Energy-storage type leapfrog-simulation robot patent, CN-104716904-A: 一种晶体振荡器频率补偿的方法 patent, CN-104725465-A: 一种分离dna结合蛋白并精确定位其dna结合位点的方法 patent, CN-104737471-A: 在无线通信系统中执行上行链路传输的方法和设备 patent, CN-104742818-A: Engine decorative cover installation support patent, CN-104750185-A: Computer architecture to provide flexibility and/or scalability patent, CN-104765979-A: Sea clutter denoising method based on integrated experience mode decomposition patent, CN-104769293-A: 锁紧螺栓 patent, CN-104770214-A: 一种茶树菇栽培方法 patent, CN-104781217-A: 用于生产乙烯的装置和方法 patent, CN-104787957-A: Mounting-free portable instant-heating water purifier with cleanable filter elements patent, CN-104798039-A: Techniques for platform duty cycling patent, CN-104813525-A: Binder for lithium cell, composition for producing electrode, and electrode patent, CN-104814404-A: 一种天麻核桃营养粉及其制备方法 patent, CN-104818675-A: 钢筋节段的组拼方法 patent, CN-104818799-A: Annular web girder and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104820085-A: 含油有效储集空间和含油孔径下限的测定方法与测定系统 patent, CN-104830996-A: 一种基于抗体磁珠捕获的流感病毒检测前处理方法 patent, CN-104831074-A: Method for extracting aluminum from fly ash patent, CN-104842118-A: 一种阀门补焊工艺 patent, CN-104849219-A: 一种作物氮素营养诊断仪及方法 patent, CN-104862303-A: Method for extracting DNA of puffer fish by utilizing ultrasonic treatment patent, CN-104869933-A: Grin光纤多光斑激光探针 patent, CN-104872974-A: Intelligent handle bag patent, CN-104877106-A: 一种阻燃硬质泡沫材料及其制备方法 patent, CN-104880525-A: Method for detecting phenyl-4-zolpidem carboxylate serving as zolpidem poisoning marker in urine by using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry for criminal investigation patent, CN-104888055-A: Traditional Chinese medicine composition for treating eczema and preparation method patent, CN-104890751-A: 一种履带搜寻器用越障行进机构 patent, CN-104913642-A: 组合型可拆卸高温承烧匣钵及其制备方法和应用 patent, CN-104932006-A: Mechanical energy automatic lossless excitation apparatus of artificial seismic waves in tunnel geological advanced forecast patent, CN-104985485-A: Light portal type engraving and milling machining center patent, CN-105011783-A: 一种节能、防烫、便携式烧烤炉 patent, CN-105017081-A: Preparation method for sitagliptin intermediate patent, CN-105044597-A: 一种汽轮发电机组原动机及其调节系统的参数实测试验测试系统 patent, CN-105051216-A: Agave sweetener composition and crystallization process patent, CN-105066183-A: 一种家用热风炉灶 patent, CN-105080368-A: Reverse osmosis membrane and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105087676-A: L-(+)-tartaric acid clean production process based on bipolar membrane electroosmosis technology patent, CN-105102095-A: 线材输送量调整装置 patent, CN-105109803-A: 内粘膜编织袋的制造方法 patent, CN-105112039-A: High temperature resistant oil-soluble viscosity reducer and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105116534-A: 线偏振平面光波对处于拓扑绝缘体衬底上方微粒的可调谐捕获和筛选的方法 patent, CN-105127020-A: 热水器系统及其花洒和热水机组 patent, CN-105150316-A: Bamboo basket thin strip outer frame forming machine patent, CN-105154929-A: Non-cyanide alkaline copper plating agent and using method thereof patent, CN-105156298-A: Low-energy-consumption environment-friendly air compressor patent, CN-105157620-A: 一种角接触轴承接触角检测机 patent, CN-105161220-A: 一种耐高温银导电薄膜的制备方法 patent, CN-105184208-A: Two-dimension code preliminary positioning method and system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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